My framing suggestions for Canvas and Paper Prints

If custom framing isn't for you, and you ordered a smaller, or maybe more generic size, ordering a frame online is still a great option! You can save some money, and especially if you're going for a more simple look, you can find what you need quite easily.

For Paper Prints, I have ordered these frames before and they've worked well for me. I like to also buy frames at World Market, and Home Goods.

For Canvas Prints, if you're wanting just to hang them and not stretch them onto wooden hardware, these magnetic hanging frames are really easy and work awesome!

My first and best suggestion to all my customers or potential customers, is to head to a local frame shop and pick out a frame, maybe a mat, exactly how you want it, and to fit the space you're going to place it in. That being said, this does usually take a few weeks to build, and custom framing is typically the most expensive option. If you head to a Micheals, they have a custom framing shop inside, and ALWAYS have a good sale going on at least some frame collections. This is one way to save a little and still get a custom frame.

These frame shops should also be able to stretch your canvas print onto wooden hardware as well. Or, you can frame them just like a paper print and choose something custom.

Things to think about when choosing a frame:

1. Glass quality- glare from windows or lamps.

2. size of the mat vs the frame width.

3. frame or mat colors that complement the image.

4. What style are you going for? rustic, Minimal, Modern?

5. Budget!

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