Floppy is my mascot, my muse. I first started selling photos because of her, she’s one of our oldest, but my most favorite longhorn. Her horns are so gorgeous, they’re way too big for her frail frame and short little legs, but you’d never know. She is pretty shy, pretty sassy, and pretty much does her own thing. She looks nothing like the rest of the herd and I think that’s why she stood out to me from the beginning. This is just one of many Floppy images that I’ve sold, but one of my favorites. I’m drawn the pale blues and yellows of this image, they’re timeless and look good in so many different settings.


  • All images are taken, edited, and produced by Alex Callaghan in Eastern Washington State.
  • Paper Prints are all made on a lightly textured matte Natural Rag paper that is gorgeous.
  • This paper is thick and durable, it’s made to last.
  • Glare free– no shine- it holds the colors amazingly.
  • Made and Printed in the USA– support local!
  • The options with framing and matting are endless for you with these prints, send me an email for framing and matting recommendations. Best thing about a paper print is you can get creative and display them however you want!
  • Canvas Prints are a rolled matte canvas instead of paper, stretch these on wood, frame, or hang up directly in your home with a magnetic hanging frame.


Framing Suggestions:

  • Click here to see one hanging frame I have bought and used to hang these Canvas Prints. Click here for another option.
  • Custom framing at a local frame shop is my favorite option for paper prints. But for a quicker and more cost-effective option, these frames on Amazon work great.

Additional information


11X14, 16X20, 16X24, 20X24, 24X36, 36X48, 40X60, 8X10


Rolled Canvas, Paper Print


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